Friday, April 30, 2010


She's of the original Riot Grrrls is back!
I admit the name of the band is kind of stupid but hey it's the return of Kat Bjelland, former singer of one of the greatest bands ever : Babes In Toyland.
Oh God, how much did I love the Babes.
Not only were they one of the greatest liveacts ever but I even like their later phase during "Fontanella".
But now it's Katastrophy Wife, the new band from Kat and the weirdest thing is that she never sounded so much Riot Grrl-ish (what a term that is!) like her.
Once again, Kat demonstrates herself as the ├╝berbabe and if you can figure a mixture from Nina Hagen, Bikini Kill and The Runaways then you know how they sound like!
Oooh I love it, even if there are three versions from "Heart On" (and the way she pronounces it you immediately know the other meaning) and there's a great version from Iron Maiden's "Run to the hills" as well.
Wellcome back Kat!

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