Thursday, April 29, 2010


The thing I hated most about reviewing records is that by the end you think a record is good but that you hate it to come up with a review, simply as you feel you can't.
In the case of a band like So So Modern it can only be a flattering thing as it simply means that you have no direct name for pigeonholing them...
I mean, come on let's be honest with each other : if you read a certain band are sounding use a cliché like an other Beatles then I can't imagine you will feel any excitment about it.
But if you read about a band who sound so original that a reviewer has no idea how to describe it then at least you must be thrilled to see if the reviewer in case (so that's still me) lost the plot or not.
Well, come on...if I must compare this band from New Zealand (from Wellington they are) with someone then I'd say the latest offering from Liars, only not that harsh.
The pressure on So So Modern was pretty hard as not only they are known as a well routined liveband (they play approximately 200 gigs per year) but after having released tons of differenht EP's, it was definitely time to come up with a proper album and "Crude Futures" is the remarkabkle result.
Call it post-hardcore with electronica or krautrock (you hear some Neu!) seen through fresh eyes or even like so many reviewers do by comparing them with can do that but if you can ever catch a tiny bit of the whirlwind that they are is only a question.
By far one of the most uncompromising releases of this year so far, but I like it a lot!

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