Sunday, April 25, 2010


Have you noticed that great music has come back again?
You must, there is the reincarnation of shoegazing, there is something like a new post punk revival and now there is something like a Factory-revival too...bands who sound like New Order that is!
We had the genius Delphic, Phoenix, Two Door Cinema Club, We Are Standard and now we add a new band to that list : Delorean who released some time ago the amazing EP "Ayrton Senna".
What a band they are and look, three weeks ago I couldn't come up with one decent Spanish band but now we have three (Polock and We Are Standard being the other two).
You get 4 tracks here which are all kind of dancey and of course they all refer to the later New Order sound, even if now and then the psychedelic touch from MGMT slips through.
And saying that you better know thatthese boys from the Basque used to be punks and now they're coming up with something like the ultimate indiepopdancething or whatever it is called, but it's good!
By the time you read this, the boys are working on a full album and even if my Spanish knowledge is non-existant I'm almost sure the album will be called "Subiza".
And yes, yes we'll let you know even if we have to learn Spanish for it...

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