Saturday, April 10, 2010


They say that everything comes back in culture and fashion, ...let's just hope Brotherhood Of Man doesn't come back, but now it seems that the return of psychedelic prog-rock with a shoegazesound is hip as well.
After Besnard Lakes, who are kind of hyped on these pages like no one else, it's now Bear In Heaven that are supposed to rock your world.
Everyone says that they're like Animal Collective which can be the case but so far I'm not that wild about AC (and I tried and tried) but this New York-based band stole my heart as they say.
The band are already around since 2003 but this is their second album.
They are trying out many different styles...sometimes it's a bit Krautrock-ish, sometimes My Bloody Valentine, sometimes Stereolab.
It's certainly not the easiest of all music (not that I want that!) but it's the sort of music that stick to the won't believe it but another tip! Contender of the best stuff from 2010? A bit, yes, a bit...... Looks like a Top 10 won't be enough for 2010, bring on the next!!!!

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