Sunday, April 18, 2010


The name of Dirk Serries might be total unknown for 99.9% of our readership I guess but still he did some great things here in Belgium (and outside) as he was the man behind vidnaObmana (and since recently Fear Falls Burning).
This project made him colloborate with the likes of Steven Roach or Robert Rich.
Anyway, in an interview Dirk told his despise for vidnaObmana now and for him it's the end of the line as this outfit kind of limited his musical outbursts.
Dirk wanted to go back to his roots and that can be translated in one guitar and some pedals.
He wants to explore the borders of one sound, so you got it...
"Microphones" has become the sort of album in where you can hear drones and soundscapes.
I had a double feeling when hearing this album.
Let's begin with the bad one...
This type of music has been done before, it's not the first time I'm listening to a record like this, so it's a bit unoriginal.
But hey I told you there's some good news as well.
This is not just some collection of some drones and soundscapes, this is done with care and love...just look at the beautiful work that contains beautiful pictures from Martina Verhoeven.
vidnaObmana is dead, long live Dirk Serries

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