Saturday, April 17, 2010


If there are two terms that are coming back this year then it must be shoegaze and post-punk.
Cos yes, post punk is back and this is, well, post punk from Spain.
Post punk from Spain, you say? got that right, they even could manage to let Andy Gill (that's of course the man from the ├╝ber-postpunkers Gang of Four) produce their debut album which is just released on the Spanish label Mushroom Pillow.
In homecountry Spain they're already a bit of a household name as over there they recently won an MTV-award for best Spanish group but over here it's all a bit different but this great debutalbum could place them on the map.
Already from opener "Bye Bye Bye" you hear that irresistible beat (of course what do you expect when you lay your sound in the hands of Mr Gill?) and even if for a moment you tend to think on the 2nd track "The first girl who got a kiss wit" that they are in danger of becoming just the next Franz Ferdinand, but then you hear that magical early Factory-sound slipping through.
It also can be that 2010 will be the year that will see the return of the cowbellsound (heard it yesterday on stage with Wild Beasts too), who knows, but a track like "Don't give up" had that same funtouch an early A Certain Ratio-record has.
As a bonus there is a remix from "The last time" done by Arthrur Baker which let them sound like that other legendary Factory-band, New Order...
A very fine release and the label inform us that you better watch out for a band called Polock who soon will release their debut too, and it sounds like a mix between Phoenix and Two Door Cinema Club...that's another New Order yes, let 2010 also be the year of the New Order sound-a-likes...what a year it is!!!

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