Sunday, April 25, 2010


Well, if a popband decides to call it "The Optimist" what do you expect then?
Something like Spice Girls?
I guess not even if there are times I wish those days of innocene Spice-pop would come back but this is something different, because if there ever should be something like a smart pop album then perhaps New Young Pony Club could be linked to it.
This album is the follow up from their marvellous 2007 debut but even if this is great popmusic like CSS, The Ting Tings or Metric it goes deeper.
The first time you shrug your shoulders not really caring what is on.
The second time you start to discover some nice things and from the 3rd time you're not only falling in love with Tanita Bulmer's vocals but you realize that songs like "Architect of love" or "Rapture" belong to the best what 2010 has to offer, and 2010 is already such a great year!
Bring the champagne right now!

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