Monday, April 12, 2010


Since Sofia Coppola used two songs from The Radio Dept. on "Marie Antoinette", all spotlights are headed on these three Swedish guys who are specialized in coming up with dreampop.
But they took their time as they waited something like 4 year to come up with their third album and for a band who have been operating for such a long time in the underground, I think all success is at its place.
The big question of course is if this success will actually come as they don't feel like they're in the mood to make that much compromises.
Their dreampopsongs (think Magnetic Fields or just any Sarahpop band that comes up in your mind) still has the C86-touch which gives them that lo-fi sound which indiepoplovers probably will love, but if it will get any further than that is a question.
Johan Duncanson still sings with that heavenly voice and that makes "Clinging to a scheme" a wonderful record, it's only a shame though that for such a long wait the record is rather short.
Recommended though!

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