Friday, April 30, 2010


I must admit that with a band named The Wave Pictures you can go all directions, but ...and that's the beauty of it I guess...this trio went into a direction I never expected it to go.
This trio who are from Wymeswold (by the time you read this review you'll forget that name, believe me) and they are David Tattersall, Franic Rozycki and Johnny Huddersfield (you'll forget these names too, mind you) but what's more important...their music rocks!
Even if they're British they have a very American sound but the one that will remind you of bands like Ween or Violent Femmes.
It's all quite lo-fi folk and the type of band who believe in the power of music instead of attitude and that hard work already brought them in several countries around the world, by the time you read this you can see these lads somewhere in Germany (so check out their website if you live there).
For the record (and also because it's a nice thing to add) : singer David can be heard on a Peel Sessions Hermann Dunne did and as we all know this band was one of the faves from Mr. Peel.

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