Friday, April 23, 2010


Let's be honest with each other, if we want we can fill up this section with 50 new indiebands every day.
Stick to the good ones?
I guess so...or perhaps better stick to the ones from which you hope of from whom you might think they will do something.
Some people who know me tend to label me as an indiekid, perhaps I am as I remember that a decade ago I went every week from Gent to London to buy all my stuff at Rough Trade Shop.
Ten years later things have changed as we know.
You have now 53.000 bands (or is it 63.000?) on My Space and they all make indie...I know every kid deserves to have a name but still...
But here are The Exhibition with their single "The Crown".
They're from Barnsley and just released this fine single on Of National Importance Records (indielabels do still exist in 2010).
"The crown" is dark pop (a bit Embrace, Echo & The Bunnymen) and you immediately hear that they're the type of band who think that songs are more important than attitude.
We need songs, not attitude.
B-side "Coma" is great too and hey, it sounds like those days where Paul Weller still sounded energetic.
Endconclusion? I like the Exhibition...

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