Sunday, April 25, 2010


I know I can be best labelled as crazy but that's who I am so you better live with it.
A day after having seen Faust, I decided to go to Crystal Castles, no I did not decide it as I already had my ticket for their sold out show for ages but it just sounded better...
Heheh, arriving at the Botanique (I better start living there I guess) I saw Team Ghost entering the stage.
Who are Team Ghost then?
Well, shoegaze is back and it happens that the shoegazesensation from Paris is Team Ghost!
The singer wears even a T-shirt that reads "shoegazer" so how young he might be, he's influenced by the likes of Slowdive.
And did they stare at their shoes?
Well, I guess so but...their set was quite okay even if it has to be said : a brilliant sound but, yup, we heard it before.
And then it was time to see Crystal Castles.
It was quite a wait and we had to hear a whole album by that other Canadian, Neil Young.
Taking a look around the venue I immediately saw that I was one of the old farts cuz all around me were teenagers who seem to share their days at discos instead of school.
Naughty, naughty children...soon you will end up like like Ethan Kath or Alice Glass, two deranged Canadian musicians who are making loud dance-noise.
From the very first moment till the last moment you have the name from Alec Empire and his Atari Teenage Riot in mind.
Pure musically there happens not that much.
Ethan's face can never be seen and he is constantly behind his dancekit.
Alice Glass is something different.
She literally screams (think Yeah Yeah Yeahs but more deranged) and she's like some female Iggy Pop.
She climbs on drums, let herself fall (how many bruises must she have!) and half of the concert she's crowdsurfing all over the audience.
Sometimes you wonder how much of the music is live because chaotic is the word.
This is pure rock 'n roll, sometimes genius but let there be no doubt about it...Mozart had his soundtrack of the time he was living in and Crystal Castles do have one too, but it's one from a fucked up world.

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