Sunday, April 25, 2010


There's some good news and bad news.
The good news is that there is a new album out by The Fall and the bad news is that it's a good one.
Bad news being an album good?
In the case of The Fall it is I guess, as without any doubt I know that after 41 years having heard music I sum Manchester's finest up in my Top 3 of all time and Mark E Smith always has been the performer who did the most unusual things.
But somewhere he always could wrap it up in melancholic songs, of course with a punk and post-industrial edge.
Songs like "The mixer" or "Blindness" bring tears to my eyes and having spoke with lots of different Fall-fans I know I'm not alone.
"Your future, our clutter" is something different.
This is their 28th studio album but of course if you add all the compilations and bootlegs you easily reach something like 100.
If people ask me to come up with my fave Fall-record it's a difficult thing but I tend to doubt between "Shiftwork" (through this album I entered the frightened world of The Fall) or "This nation's saving grace" simply cuz it's the best album.
Anyway this album is typical for the later Fall.
Mark E. Smith might look as he has reached the age of 70 but he is still the most daring punk in musichistory.
The titletrack "OFYC Showcase" opens in typical Fall-style and it's a right in yer face-thing.
Then you get the other songs which are all above 5 minutes which is not that logic for a punkrecord and with all the respect I have for Mark (and that's more than for 99.9999% musicians) you hear that sometimes he looses the plot.
Perhaps it's because this album has the same line-up as the previous "Imperial Wax Solvent", not because it's a bad line-up but two same line-up's in three or four years is in Fallterms a very unlogical thing.
Obligatory stuff for Fallfans (of course) but for those who want an introduction better choose something else.

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