Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Anyone has heard of The Sonics.
Today in 2010 they're legends and loved by bands like Mudhoney, The Fall (who covered their "Strychnine"), Nirvana or any garageband in the whole world.
You see, The Sonics are the godfathers of garagerock.
Back then in the early 60's, these youngsters from Washington recorded their rock 'n roll with a two track recorder and one microphone which gave their music a real livevibe.
Genius you say?
Well, perhaps now it is, but back then it was just because it was meant to be that way due to lack of money.
Through that sound The Sonics were never loved by the rock 'nroll-teenagers who sold their soul to ...well, you know who!
This also meant that back then that The Sonics never managed to play outside their hometown.
Because now they're legends, three of the remaining members thought it'd be cool to Europe over and since they took that decision in 2007, it looks like nothing can stop them and yesterday you could face them in Ghent!
But first there was the support act The Wrong.
I usually don't like support acts that much to be honest but The wrong are what you might call a mini superband from Ghent as it features both the brothers Derie (once they were in Soapstone which was the basicstone for Soulwax) and Jenz Von Trapp (who used to play in the coolest surfguitarband from Belgium, 50 Ft Combo).
Their sound was quite cool as they say and you can compare them somewhere with Rocket from The Crypt.
Almost a perfect gig, just a shame their rock 'n roll was disturbed with no needed bluesballads.
But The Wrong came and conquered as it once has been said.
And then it was time to wellcome The Sonics.
Wellcome them?
The first thing we saw was an overweight roadie who took all the time of the world and some people from the audience started to fear the worst.
And the worst it was when The Sonics appeared in total darkness and started to tune their instruments for more than 10 minutes.
Talking about a missing start.
The first song they played was plain ordinary rock 'n roll and everybody was asking themselves how these grandpas would survive a whole gig without being boo-ed off.
It certainly wasn't co-singer Gerry Roslie who saved the band as he would be fitting more in The Eagles these days.
But then the wonder came when the dead ugly (look at his pic) Freddie Dennis started to open his troath, and from then on the rock 'n rolltrain was unstoppable and the gig was rescued!
They played tons of covers ("Lucille" or the mighty "Keep-A-Knockin'" by Little Richard), some new stuff and of course their own classics like "The witch", "Psycho" or "Strychnine".
At the end it was clear that they're no longer garagerock-guys but a well trained rock 'n roll machine.

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