Wednesday, April 14, 2010


This is not a new album (released last year) but as over here we tend to support small bands especially if they're making uncommercial music so we don't care, besides...good music is timeless!
It's not that For Greater Good are the creators of something new but they do it in a splendid way so that's already a bonus.
They make the kind of music that feels like a movie in the sense that you better sit down while having this audiopholic experience.
Not that it's art for the sake of it (if it'd be like that I would have jump out of my chair immediately, mind you) but it's the kind of music in which you can discover something new by every listen.
OK you say, but what about the music? What do they play exactly?
Difficult to pigeonhole but it's dark electronic music that balances between dark indus (for this I refer to Cold Meat Industry), orchestral wave (think In The Nursery or Attrition) and even neo-classic (at the end of the CD you definitely will think of Wim Mertens).
Comparing this band with Cold Meat Industry is even not that stupid as they appeared on their compilation CD "All my dead friends" (never told you that For Greater Good are making happy music).
These Belgians (they're from Lier which is near Antwerp) could convince Daniel B (yes indeed from Front 242) to master their album.
If you think industrial music is just to monotone for you, give this a chance!

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