Sunday, April 4, 2010


How many "unknown pleasures" shall we have featured at the end of this year?
God knows and the more the better and let's only hope that some of them will reach the target which is the ear of the listener.
I always say that they better burn down the radio as it's such a shame that people got offered those pre-packed so called alternative stuff but then again : who's to blame? The radio or the public?
Why all this? Oh, just another introduction to another band we wanna present you.
They're from New York and they're named Telltale.
Style? I could say post punk meets dark shoegaze as that's how they see it themselves.
True, in fact very true but I think they're a bit like a 4-ADish version from Galaxie 500.
Why? Well just like Dean's band Telltale carve very deep under the skin, the songs are so slowly build up that it feels like a painful needle that is slowly reaching the vein.
Sounds like we're reviewing a gothband. Telltale are not, but ordinary shoegaze (and a term like ordinary shoegaze already sounds good!) it ain't either!
Discover now!

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