Thursday, April 22, 2010


The days when Canada was related to Bryan Adams and Celine Dion are over and out, even more... the best releases of this year seem to come from there cos after the brilliant Besnard Lakes (I know we can't shut up about 'em), we can now present you Mother Mother.
In their own country things are going like they say pretty good but over here they're still quite an obscure name.
Let's hope it changes a lot, even if Mother Mother are not the easiest band to clasify.
Not that there is a necessary need for it but if you hear an opener like the titletrack you tend to think it's funpop like The Wannadies but five minutes later they drag you into some sound that can be best described as a psychedelic version from The Pixies...
And it goes further as "Wisdom" refers to Pink Floyd (in the Syd Barrett-years that is) while closing track "Sleep Awake" comes quite close to The Cranes.
Impossible to classify but Mother Mother released one of the strongest albums I heard last weeks.
A tip!

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