Sunday, April 18, 2010


Some things always do come back even the minimal synth scene.
I don't want to sound patronizing but in case you don't know what minimal synth is well : it was a movement that mainly came from Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands and France.
Analogue synths, ice cold performed but with a melancholic feeling.
I guess bands like Twillight Ritual, Martin Dupont or A Blaze Colour are what you can call the leading names of that 80's movement.
Nothing happens without a reason I guess but a band who states that they're influenced by A Blaze Colour, Clan Of Xymox and Asylum Party...what can be said of that?
Yes, that they sound superb of course even if this record could have been made in 1982!
Xeno & Oaklander are a duo from New York consisting of Sean McBride and Miss Liz Wendelbo (she's French/Norwegian)who released tons of self-released CD-R's but now thru Weird Records they got the change to release this "Sentinelle"-CD.
Is it original? F**** no, it's not but it's genius, not dated, it's touching, it's like stepping into some time machine. A gem.
(If you read this : thank you Tom!)

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