Wednesday, April 21, 2010


England has rediscovered the shoegazing scene as well, that is sure!
Yesterday I went to Brussels (once again) to see Chapel Club who are hailed by the British press as the new Joy Division, the new Smiths and in the leaflet over here they were hauled as the new Cure!
What the f****, I've seen that before, once it were The Stone Roses...once it was Ultrasound...once it was I don't know what but thing is they're hyped and they even have to release their debut album!
And look a British hype comes playing in Brussels, just a shame that only 40 people turned up to see the new Joy Division but that's another thing.
Taking a look at the setlist learnt us that these lads from London would enjoy us with 7 songs and then over and out.
Coming to Brussels to see 7 songs?
Once they got on stage we saw five youngsters playing...hmmmm shoegazing!
Yeah pretty good, even very good but hey ho...wait a minute!
Twenty years ago that press slashed down a scene that celebrates itself and now a band who sound like...hmmmm Moose....are hauled as the saviors of music!
Are they taking themselves serious or not?
Chapel Club are magnificent just a terrible danger that they will get lost in their own arrogance but they are, they're not brilliant, they just play music we haven't heard in a long while...well I did but not on stage.
If Chapel Club are the new hope of rock, does that mean then that Slowdive are the greatest band ever? I know, you know.....

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