Thursday, April 8, 2010


To be quite honest after having seen Zeromancer something like ten years ago on Eurorock (that was a huge gothfestival over here) I never thought I would see them again as they bored me to death, and why would I care about their nu-metal anyway?
But sometimes circumstances changes and not the least because of the support No More.
Quite strange that almost no one is aware of this German duo and if they do, it must be because of their classic from 1981, "Suicide Commando".
Later No More developped an own style in which gothwave was mixed with Arabian influences.
It might sound shitty on paper but through the speakers it sounds quite OK.
Anyway, no one was expecting that this duo would come back this year with a new album (Midnight People & Lo-Fi Stars) and it was that album which was presented tonight.
Keyboardplayer Tina was busy with all kinds of electronics while singer Andy Schwarz (nice name for a new wave-combo!) was a bit playing the rock'n roll-cliche but he did it well.
No More played a good mix of old and new and even if your servant (that's me) hasn't heard the new album yet, it sounds promising nontheless.
It's difficult to say if Andy is happy that his band is cursed with that one hit as before each old song came those sarcastic words : "This is an old song which is not Suicide Commando".
Nice gig, there's nothing to add to that.
And then came Zeromancer.
As you can read below I kind of like their latest album "Death Of Romance" but I was expecting nothing.
Wrong I was, oh so wrong.
From the very first minute till the very last minute Zeromancer gave themselves totally.
It's been a very long time ago that I saw a band who is so dedicated to their fans and you must know that they played in front of 100 people where as in countries like Germany they can outsell big venues.
Respect, even many respect for that.
Singer Alex is a poseur, no doubt about it but you love him anyway, a sort of mixture from Iggy Pop (he played the half set half-naked) and Trent Reznor.
And musically?
Well, it's like I've stated in the review.
Don't expect anything special it are just poppy goth-metalsongs but they do it in a good way.
If you like Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails or just wanna have a splendid version from Slipknot (never expected that I would write such words in my blog, I swear, but Zeromancer aren't bad at all) you like 'em.
I saw a band that underwent a positive evolution and a band who has the greatest respect for their public.
Thanks Bodybeats and Dark Entries for inviting me.
Bodybeats will organise on 1st May 2010 a festival at Antwerpen Trix with Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Armageddon Dildos, Revco World, Body Electric, Signal Aout 42 and Cassandra Complex.
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