Thursday, April 15, 2010


Some days ago I was pretty pissed off as I had to review a CD by a French band called The Naked Man who gave me nothing informationwise.
Some days later the same things occured when I got the cd by Plastic People in my hands.
But a short insight into the cdsleeve made it clear that a certain Sebastian Ficagna was involved in here.
And hey, Sebazstian is also the man behind The Naked Man, so there you go.
If The Naked Man is a sideproject from Plastic People or the other way around is something I honestly don't care about.
Not that this selfreleased album is that bad cos in all honesty I heard a lot much worser than that, but it's just that it's too much of a copy and to top it all, it's a bit of everything and maybe you can speak of a varied band but it makes it all faceless too.
Still, there are some highlights on this so-called postpunkalbum.
A song like "Stonewall 1969" could have made it on "Organisation" by OMD or a track like "Time desolation" can be related to the better stuff by Gang Of Four.
All by all you can pick up some songs that can be seen as some nice tributes to 80's band but the overall problem I got here was just like with The Naked Man : too related to its examples and ten it's all a bit useless.

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