Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Just like in any other country, the gothscene in Belgium is depending on a small amount of people who are hanging on to the dark scene.
Releases are rare, and if they’re some then most of them are EBM-related, and new bands are even a much more rare breed simply as there’s no label around who is interested in signing a gothband these days, so it’s all DIY to the bone.
If bands got reviewed by our press (what’s in a name?) the article just goes like “They sound like Bauhaus or The Cure….”.
Easy journalism is something called like that.
In the case of This Is The Girl it’s even a bit harder as this duo from Bilzen are opting for a different approaching.
It’s definitely goth but done in a rather original way which makes them more unique but it’d be much harder to convince the already small gothpublic…or perhaps not.
This Is The Girl just released a fine self-released minialbum in where you have a perfect showcase of their abilities.
Most of the songs are mellow with a dark undertone.
The vocals (Robin Pannemans) are without any doubt referring to Andrew Eldritch or Carl McCoy but the music itself is something different.
Ramon Schoonbrood is composing dark synthmusic (sometimes there’s a link to the uptempo songs by a band like Diary Of dreams) that comes close to the minimal music by Steve Reich or even Wim Mertens.
People with good taste already understood that this means dark pianomusic.
When reviewing a band like them I have enough experience in the dark scene to realize that it’d be damn difficult to make it, but This Is The Girl deserves to be heard and…they might be categorized as goth but you don’t have to be one to like this dark beautiful music.

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  1. I'm a local from Bilzen and I have heard their album. Now I know these guys personally so my opinion might be slightly biased but I still think these guys should be heard, by plenty of people. As the OP wrote there is no need to be a huge fan of goth to try them out.

    Tnx for the reviewer for posting this, and to all people who listen to them.