Thursday, April 22, 2010


Holly Golightly...the name sounds like from some Tim Burton-movie, not?
But musicmaniacs know better, not only was she involved in the recordings by Billy Childish or The White Stripes but now she released her third album "Medicine County" on Damaged Goods, one of the most long living indielabels ever (from Anorak Girl to Period Pains, they brought you everything...).
But this type of music is something totally different.
If there was something that can be labelled as timeless music then Holly certainly belongs to that league.
Already from the start "Forget it" Holly sounds like a dangerous diva and somewhere you really do have the feeling like you're entering some scene from a David Lynch-movie where all strange creatures are spying at you.
Not that it's all that serious, on a song like "I can't lose" Holly let herself go in a real Dolly Parton-way but a track later you're already back in some dark land, as "Blood on the saddle" (that title alone!) will remind you of Lee Hazzlewood and Nancy Sinatra's finest moments.
Holly will remind you of a lot of things, be sure of that, but it are always the finest moments.
Changes are small that you ever will hear this on radio (nah we're sure about that) but don't miss this little jewel, you read it here!

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