Sunday, April 25, 2010


And now time for some great EBM like we haven't heard it since ages...
I guess the regular EBM-freak will be familiar with the name of Noisuf-X but it seems that with this 4th album he definitely he will make it in the scene.
Not that Noisuf-X is a newcomer as already since 1988 he's active in the electronic scene even if his material was then more acid-oriented and released under the name of Jan L.
But Noisuf-X is harsh EBM but with a high commercial feel.
This album feels like a launched racket (and yes to come up with a cliché, this album also got launched in the beginning) but from then on you hear 13 brilliant tracks that come close to Wumpscut or (even better) Fiendflug.
There is a limited double-CD out as well that features contributions from Peter Spiller (Project Pitchfork) and our own Johan Van Roy (Suicide Commando).
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