Friday, April 30, 2010


Agreed the amount of French indieacts we know are quite limited which is bizarre if you think about how many indiereleases France has every year.
We can come up with Air, Phoenix, Indochine or perhaps Dominique A and I guess it then stops...
True is true, many French releases are in the league from "Hmmm, like it but it's not what I really wanted as it's too much of a copy from the original English one" but with Pamela Hute, it's different.
Since 2006 this Parisienne is busy with music and what first started as a solo-outfit has now become a trio, even if everything stays focused on Pamela though.
Only logical as Pamela has one of the most gorgeous voices I heard in a long while.
It's quite clear which records Pamela must own (I guess it goes from Sleeper to Juliana Hatfield) as all tracks on this debut refer to some indieband from the past, especially most of all (and that's a very flattering thing to say) Pamela's music reminded me of Salad, mainly as Pamela's voice is so similar to the one from Marijne Van Der Vlugt.
The highlight though is kept to the end as the last track on the album is the epic "Pink Safari" which can only be described as Air...and yes, when you think of it...wasn't their album called "Moon Safari"?
Anyway, Pamela Hute is one of the nicest discoveries of this year!
The more I hear it, the more I like it...yes, I love Pamela Hute!!!

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