Thursday, April 15, 2010


With some pride I can introduce you a Belgian band who have, well, a very unbelgian sound.
A lot has happened since they released their debut back in 2008.
Jesse Hoff might be a total unknown name for you (to me as well, mind you) but he is the personal guitaramp-doctor from artists like The Verve or Bernard Butler.
While in search of the perfect sound, Jeff built an amplifier that was supposed to give the band the sound that it deserves.
And it works as this is pure guitarrock to the bone!
Female singer Debby Termonia shall live with it till the end of her days by being compared to PJ Harvey but that also says something about her abilities.
If you mix the energetic sound (sometimes brutal, hence the title of the album) with the raw garagenoise of the band, you have a honest rocksound that comes quite close to Riot Grrl-bands like Bikini Kill or Seven Year Bitch.
On this album they got the help from some Belgian monuments like Willy Willy (a member from The Scabs and worldwide famous in Belgium).
After hearing their 2nd album you have the lovely feeling that at least we have some raw garagerockband with screaming sexy female vocals over here in Belgium.
We have our own L7 and who knows Debby is our own Patti Smith...and the funny thing is that this whole rockphilosophy can be summed up in two words only : brutally honest

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