Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ALBUMREVIEWS : ALCOHOLIC FAITH MISSION - Let this be the last night we care

Ooh you sex, drugs and rock'n roll...but for the Danish Alcoholic Faith Mission it seems that the booze is master of their universe.
Not only it's their their band's name, they saw a sign in Brooklyn called "Apostolic Faith Mission" and they made an alcohol-related thing from it...and most of the songs dealt about it too so...
What you expect now, something like The Pogues?
Not exactly, even if their stuff is as heartbreaking as Shane's troop.
"Let this be the last night" is the third album by Thorben Seiero Jensen and Sune Solund and they are making what is described last years as Americana, but they do it a bit different though.
They might be compared with Bon Iver (and in a way they are) but their song is varied enough (sometimes a bit psychedelic, sometimes a we go again...shoegazing) and then bands like Arcade Fire, Sophia and Granddaddy come to mind.
Come to mind is the right description as all by all, these boys may not have what you call a typical Danish sound but it's definitely a sound of their own.

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