Thursday, April 8, 2010


For some reasons it has been a bit the week of Jenz Von Trapp.
Now, I see your eyebrows going up to the sky (should be a great thing for a song, that eyebrowthing I mean) thinking it has something to do with "The Sound Of Music".
But no, absolutely no...
If you're from Belgium you might know his name because he used to be in the greatest Belgian surfband I ever saw, 50ft Combo...and maybe they were one of the greatest Belgian bands anyway.
Some days ago it was a delight to see him again on stage with The Wrong as they supported The Sonics over here (scroll down and thou shall see!) and a day later a friend (yup, that's you Smurf!) gave me a cd by his other project The Grave Brothers.
I always wanna stay honest with you, otherwise we gave up on this, by saying that The Wrong are a bit better but still this is worth checking out.
It has nothing to do with surfmusic but it also goes back to the 50's as well.
I read somewhere on the net that they're a mix from cowpunk, psychobilly and country.
I never been good at define all these "billies" but I know that this rocks.
At times (but that's me) it reminds me of the funniest things Johnny Cash did once and that's The Grave Brothers in a nutshell, they never take themselves too seriously (listen to the lyrics from "Are you drinkin' with me Jesus" and you know enough) but they take their music seriously and that ladies and gentlemen (and children) that's a healthy balance!

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