Friday, April 9, 2010


Also in need of a springalbum?
Why not, it's already April, the sun is shining and even weirdoes like me are thinking about having a walk in the park.
If you're looking fora perfect soundtrack this 4th album by Tunng could be it.
After keymember Sam Genders left this British band that is terribly labelled as folktronica, everybody thought it was over and out but there's no speak of dismiss even if this album is pretty poppy.
So poppy that from time to time you tend to think of Belle & Sebastian, even if it's with the needed flowers in the hair.
Most of the songs are lovely troubadour-anthems about the things in life that matter (I guess that's love) even if Tunng are the kind of band who dare to put some strange sounds in their music (from a dialogue from a tourist to a hornsection that seems to come from an ouverture by Mozart).
A classic? Absolutely not, it's perhaps not even that highly recommended, it's just that type of album that gives you a happy, ahum, springfeeling!

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