Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Belgian music, well there is a lot about to say...but even if there is talent around we kind of forget the real alternative scene as over here Studio Brussel (the leading radio for so called alternative musicfans) is neglecting the underground.
I mean Editors are brilliant but if you only feature Editors-wanna be's then you feature something like 0.01% of the alternative scene.
A new band with a different sound are Indus Troïka and it's a great mix from post-rock, post-punk and noise.
Think Big Black guitars, think Tortoise and think New Order...especially in a song like "Melodica Store" in where you hear the Melodicasound from early New Order but just like if it would have been released on a Touch and Go-release.
Politics have shown the opposite but Belgium has a future...

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