Friday, April 2, 2010


Call it psychedelic rock or shoegazing, or whatever you want it to call like but this is good, actually very good.
Some might say Daylight Frequencies are sounding like Electric Prunes, I will say they're like some Spacemen 3 (or perhaps better Spiritualised) or Loop.
You get the picture? It's timeless stuff and it's quite incredible a band like this are still releasing demos and are still unsigned.
Just open a weekly to see what crap gets a recorddeal these days, but this is their life.
On their latest demo you get 5 wonderful tracks (not one is under 3 minutes so expect to hear some fine noises!).
We could pigeonhole Daylight Frequencies with all the psychedelic rockbands I am aware of but that wouldn't be fair to them (and not to you either).
All what can be said is that this is a band with a future, if only some A&R-men would hear this...are there are who read this?

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