Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Psy'Aviah are a Belgian duo from Antwerp who are making EBM/futurepop but they're not ashamed to say that they focus on the commercial market as well by making melodic rock as they call it themselves.
Over here the example from Praga Khan is known enough even if there is a constant danger that if you're gambling on two markets that no one wants you in the end.
But as they sing themselves "rules are made to be broken" and so it happens that "Eclectric" is an album with two faces.
Some of the songs, like opener "No excuse" is nothing more than an excuse to reach the listener who likes mediocre pop with some loud beats while on other tracks like "All about you" refers to Covenant or "Paranoid" to labelmates Aiboforcen.
The most interesting track of course remains "Ophélie" on which they're joined by Jean-Luc De Meyer, through his French well known indus-vocal, it's like a dark technoversion from Jacques Brel even if the song itself is clearly based on the Front 242-classic "Until death us apart".
With 15 tracks this album is just too much but if you skip 5 or 6 commercial useless songs, there are 9 others left that are worth a listen be it through Emélie's sexy vocals or Yves' synths.

An album with some double feelings, just like their sound I guess.

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