Saturday, April 17, 2010


So you think there's nothing exciting these days? Then wait till you hear this cos this will rock your boat!
Nope, it's nothing new...even not a new bit at all, as these three deranged girls have just found some records on the attic by bands like Popgroup, Slits, Gang Of Four, Blurt or Marine Girls and decided they wanna play some post-punk too but they do it so good that it's just totally irresistible!
If you like early records by The Fall (you should love all records by The Fall, but that's a different matter) then you will love the 2 minutes trashy punkanthems by this trio.
Yes, John Peel would play it non stop in his programme, be sure of that!!!
The record lasts 30 minutes and it's over before you can breathe some new fresh air but hey, it's so refreshing that it feels like this is the Motown-sound for DIY-kids who like their Huggy Bear-stuff.
What am I writing here anyway?
But it rocks, it matters, they're Trash Kit and I am oh so in love...if this is what the teletubbies caused with babies when they're watching television then let it come!

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