Friday, April 2, 2010


The most stupid remark that I keep hearing is that today in 2010 there is no good music being made.
Give these kids an album by Coldcave or perhaps Dazzle Ships as this must be the band I'm mostly in love with now.
Mind you, it can change after a couple of days and it will but Dazzle Ships are without any doubt one of the few bands that will leave a mark on 2010.
They are Lion’s Tyler Haran and girlfriend Hatii De Leon and it's still a mystery to me if they're named after that album by OMD or not.
Even if they are not, they're still sounding very 80's-like.
But not the 80's from Gloria Estafan or do you really think I will waste my time on that?
Nope, Dazzle Ship are like ....those genius new wavesongs you heard from bands like Fad Gadget, a bit Siouxsie, a Cure-guitarriff, a post-punkversion with Cocteau Twins-guitars...
Dazzle Ships what a name, what a band...genius!!!!!

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