Tuesday, April 27, 2010


t would be wrong if we always consider ourselves as that little zine.
Somewhere we are (we know our place) but I also do remember that The
Original Sin featured Whispers In The Shadow by the time they got their demo out
and if my memory is willing to help me I think that back then co-writer Dennis
managed to interview them.
Back then they were something like Xymox or Cure-copyists but look
ten years later Whispers In The Shadow are at the front of the gotharmy.
They're kind of huge and once they had their examples now they have people are citing them as an example.
That's the way thing goes....
Some will say it's a pity that Ashley Dayour and his comrades
have opted for a matured sound but that's something that couldn't be avoided as well.
This album is part of a trilogy (the previous one being "Into the arms of chaos" and this album must be the final chapter.
You can say what you want but Whispers In THe Shadow are not he kind of gothband who are copies from The Sisters or The Cure.
Okay, we heard some Southern Death Cult or Two Witches but their
psychedelic gothrock might not appeal to narrowminded goths but they have a great sound nontheless.
Anyway, far more psychedelic and more mindblowing then much of the crap that
got hyped by "serious journalists".

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