Monday, April 5, 2010


This morning when I translated an interview with an EBM-act, the performer stated that music is his way to express what's inside of him, the outing of his inner demons.
Totally agree even if saying something like that is like the biggest cliché ever but it just leaves us to that famous question : if it is a cliché, then why is so music full of shit?
Anyway, this album by Ulaan Khol is far from being shit, it even takes you away on some psychedelic journey.
If a website like Ptolematic Terrascope gives the artist full support then you know which type of music we're talking about. Experimental? I guess so.
Ulaan Khol is the alter ego from Steven R. Smith who is an LA-based musician who has already been in bands like Thuja, Mirza and Hala Strana.
With Ulaan Khol he worked on a trilogy called "Ceremony" and III is (how logical) the third part which has just been released by Soft Abuse Records.
If you think I'm a bit too vague then it's due to the artist as well as there is no album title and the songs have no titles either.
Why should there be titles anyway?
Just like if someone remembers them as the music by Ulaan Khol has to be absorbed like one deep breath, the journey remember.
The album starts with heavy drones and in the first part of the album you'll enter some walls that are built of noises, very dark with a psychedelic undertone.
The end of the album is more like a light that's fading out, very moody and even without hope.
An album for people who dare to be adventurous in their musical taste!

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