Saturday, April 24, 2010


Is it folk or is it electronics?
It's both of them and White Hinterland (what a name) are one of the few band who succesfully succeed in mixing these two genres without being it an useless effort.
Honestly said, it might be already White Hinterland's third album but this is actually the first time I heard anything by them and from the very first second Casey Dienel (well, she is White Hinterland) starts singing you tend to fall in love with her voice.
Perhaps I easily fall in love but Casey has an ethereal voice that many people will compare to Elizabeth Frazer.
This Massachusettes-based musician uses lots of classic instruments (from piano to strings) with electronic synths and the result is something like a cinematographic version from Solex.
Not always that easy to label, but why should we?
"Kairos" has become a gem!

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