Sunday, April 18, 2010


I seriously doubt if Angie Damage is still doing music as on the net you find nothing about her, but that happens with 90% (or more?) with the artists we embrace.
Anyway, the first time I hear some Angie Damage on the radio is still far far away and as it's so good, why wouldn't I tell you about?
Angie Damage comes from Charleston (happen to be somewhere near South Carolina) and being raised up by Billie Holiday, hardcore and lots of post-punk she decided to create her own music.
It took her quite some time to record some songs (so perhaps the reasons why nothing can be found about her is that she's not that much of a workaholic) but what she delivered is superb nontheless.
Angie released a fine EP on a Russian label (Intuition Records, you have to be signed somewhere these days)...
Difficult to describe Angie's music but it sounds very European, think of 1000 Ohm with sexy female vocals. Who are 1000 Ohm? Come on get on that My Space-page now!

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