Tuesday, April 20, 2010


There has always been something with Spain and indiemusic, just remember (well not remember as they still exist) the mighty labels Siesta or Elefant and you know what I'm talking about.
It seems that we can add another label to that as well, Mushroom Pillow.
Some days ago we presented you the very fine release by We Are Standard (which was produced by Andy Gill) and that same label is delivering us now Polock.
That's Polock with one l as otherwise you'll end up with some painter.
Sole problem I got with this release was that I just got the music while all the other information I could find about 'em was unfortunately in Spanish and till so far my Spanish knowledge is limited to a simple "ole"!
Anyway, Polock have soon this album out which is called 'Get down from the trees' and to say it simple but effective : it's the kind of indiepop that makes you happy, the kind of music that let you think it's summer every day...something like a Pavement for daydreamers.
They are compared to the likes of Phoenix and Two Door Cinema Club and that can be the case but isn't a description like lovely jingle-janglepop enough to convince you?

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