Sunday, April 18, 2010


Music can be glamorous but it's also the cradle of many sad stories, or unreleased dreams.
Born For Bliss is a band in that league as they always were victimized by the curse of (my all time fave band) Clan Of Xymox.
Maybe Frank Weyzig will bite of his nails if he sees it again, but sorry, I feel I have to.
Anyway Frank used to be one of the original co-founders from Clan Of Xymox.
For some reasons Frank left the band and some years later he came back with Born For Bliss.
In 1997 there was the release of their debutalbum "Flowing with the flue", an album nobody cared about.
You can always blame the press but this time it was the press' fault.
Automatically Frank got compared with Xymox and they concluded : "Well, it's not Xymox....".
Of course it's not Xymox, it's Born For Bliss.
Having said that I think I would never have given the album a change (the press interest was something like zero) if Frank wasn't a member of Xymox, but a musiclover listens and listens and then form his opinion.
Two years later the band had a second album, this one...
The big frustration was that back then not one label was interested in releasing this album, until now as the German Echozone-label decided to give it a release.
Mind you, Born For Bliss aren't back as Frank is now playing with White Rose Transmission (the band from Carlo Van Putten and the sadly missed Adrian Borland) who recently released a new album (see elsewhere on these pages).
It's a shame this album never got released as once again Born For Bliss are bringing psychedelic goth-rockwave that sometimes (hey that's strange) refers to The Sound, at other times (true is true) to the Xymoxsound, at other times Dreadful Shadows...
As a bonus you get some unreleased demos as well.
You got the picture? This is a brilliant gothwaverecord that finally deserves to see the lights...
Oooh in love with a ten year old album...thanks to Echozone I guess!

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