Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Time for something from Gothenburg.
Well to be more precisely, time to have a look at a duo called Winding Stairs who just have released their debutalbum "Everything" on Make My Day Records, even if the album is already out for a while in Scandinavia.
Before you put the cd into your player, a look at the sleeve already reveals that this will be something beautiful...and beautiful it is, believe me, even if it feels like if this band is still searching for their definite sound.
Everything here is focused on the voice from singer Lina Wedin who sounds like a cross between Beth Gibbons and Harriet Wheeler from The Sundays.
A breathtaking voice which leads us through several musical rides.
From ace Saint-Etienne pop like "Shadow Stripes" to "Alibi" which is a bit trip-hopinfluenced while a track like "You see me" is a more neo-classical folkballad that comes close to the early stuff from Tori Amos.
It's like we told in the beginning, this album is a perfect showcase from two talents who have a rich imagination.
Maybe it's another cliché to add but all the minimal details (from an accordeon in the distance to a jazzy touch) come above after several listenings.

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