Saturday, April 17, 2010


You can always blame Iceland... They were hated here because an Icelandic bank went bankrupt and people could wave their money goodbye and since some days there is no aeroplane flying above us, you can blame them too.
Today I blamed Iceland as it's the fault of their stupid volcano that I can't see Kirlian Camera and still I decided to listen to an Icelandic album.
Since Bjork seems to be away from the musical landscape, Jonsi can claim to be the most famous inhabitant from his country and for them who were living in some cave, Jonsi is the leadsinger from Sigur Ros.
He recently released this solo-album but it's totally different from the previous "Riceboy Sleeps"-one.
In all honesty this is exactly the same as Sigur Ros which means for me that I only like this from time to time because I am truly aware that they're something special, I realize that they're a very talented band but their music can work so much on nerves that at times I tend to think "Sigur Ros are the band I hate most!", so logicalwise "Go" can be the album I hate most this year , but at times I can like it too...
Still overrated though, even very overrated...

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