Saturday, April 17, 2010


Welle:Erdball are not a household name everywhere (they deserve to be, believe me) but from all the bands that you can find today, they're the one who stay most close to the 80's sound...even so close they record everything in an anologue way.
Sometimes they're called the pioneers from the so-called Bitpopscene but if you know that their music is made with the aid of a Commodore 64 (youngsters, that used to be a computer!) then you know what we're talking about.
It's since 2006 that they released their last album (Total Chaos) but this one is a bit special as "Operation Zeitsturm" is the soundtrack from a movie that's been made by Welle:Erdball.
According to rumours the movie balances between Indiana Jones and Back To The Future.
If only we could believe that...
Anyway, this new CD is just Welle:Erdball like we knew them since years.
It's still debatable if they're making art or kitsch but their synthpop is surely based on the Neue deutsche Welle, so much even that morethan once you'll have bands like Fehlfarben (who are back by the way) or Rheingold in mind.
You can accuse them for being stuck in the 80's and they are but they do it in a good way so....

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