Saturday, May 1, 2010


Quidam, anyone?
Well if you click on the Google-button they will automatically direct you to some show by Cirque Du Soleil but if you look any further you'll be directed to a Spanish band named Quidam.
This trio makes music that can be related to the deathrock/batcavescene.
For years they are building on their way of fame and even if I still must meet the first person who knows them, they're pretty good.
Shame, of course...which other words would you use?
I got sent two cds (all self released of course) by this fine people.
"Barking, mewing, hissing and mocking" is released in beautiful digipack and the bands you have in mind when hearing them are the old examples of the 80's...Sex Gang Children, Play Dead or Virgin Prunes.
All a bit normal if you play batcavemusic I guess...
The second I got was "Pull the strings" in where they leave a bit the raw approach, more addition of synths...yup, Cinema Strange is never that far away.
Make of it what you want but anyone who has an interest in batcave/deathrockmusic better check them out.

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