Sunday, April 4, 2010

CONCERTREVIEW : LEGENDARY PINK DOTS (Brussels, Le Botanique 02/04/2010)

I honestly lost the count how many times I saw The Legendary Pink Dots on stage but they never did dissapoint me even if on their current albums they're taking their psychedlic trips a bit too far for my taste.
Anyway, yesterday in Brussels was the first day of a tour that was supposed to be a 30 Anniversary Show of the band, but it all started wrong.
Before the tour two members (among them keymember Martijn) decided to call it a day.
On his website Edward Ka-Spell explained that he understands the situation completely.
The times that the band can outsell venues is long time past and it's financially almost an impossible thing.
Secondly the circumstances of touring are getting harder and harder.
On their last European tour the bandmembers were forced more than once to sleep on a cold floor and as Ka-Spell stated : this could be the last tour in the history of Legendary Pink Dots.
When seeing them a couple of months ago in Sint-Niklaas I never could have guessed it would have been the last time I saw them as a five-pieceband but today was an undeniable fact : Legendary Pink Dots have become a duo (Silverman and Ka-Spell) even if they recently could convince Erik Drost to join them.
Due to this The Legendary Pink Dots are forced more than ever to play an electronic set.
Anyway as soon as barefooted Edward, with a black dress, walks on stage you could see that nothing in his head changed.
He still looks like if he's the controller of all the inner demons, and the smile around his face tells you that the more confused it sounds, the better it is for him.
The set is of course chosen from the later albums even if they gave the audience two classics "Remember me this way" and "New Tomorrow" which remembered (oh how nice!) the audience why they mattered during 30 years.
As soon as the excellent gig was over, you were just wondering how low a band can go.
What will be next? Soon you can book them for your kitchen!
I mean, as you can guess there wasn't an overwhelming number of people around this time as well.
What once looked like an indestructible institution is now reduced to a band in crisis.
Shame, even more than a shame but still thanks for enriching 30 years I walk upon this planet.
Hopefully see you next time in better times!

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