Sunday, April 11, 2010


Not everything in life is fun. Going to a concert to one of your fave bands by knowing it's the last time you'll see them is a rather painful thing.
Yesterday when we entered the VK-venue we knew it was the last time we would see our French heroes.
Trisomie 21 are one of my Top 10 bands as this duo from Lille could combine electronics with coldwave like no other before.
Even if Hervé (bassist, synths) states that it was never their goal to sound goth or coldwave, it was just their goal to deliver the soundtrack to the dreams of people.
Whatever it might be, till the late 80's Trisomie 21 composed one of the most brilliant dark electronic poems ever.
After the release of "T21 play the pictures" everything went wrong and in 1997 they decided to call it a day.
Totally unexpected the brothers Lomprez returned with a new album some years ago, "Happy Mystery Child", that can perhaps be labelled as the best Trisomie 21-album ever.
But as stated some months again, Trisomie 21 will stop forever and yesterday was the final gig.
Before we saw Trisomie 21, we first saw two Belgian support acts.
One was quite okay. :codes is known for their minimal synth and can be found on some compilations on Dutch label Enfant Terrible records.
The big problem with :codes is that they're a bit a faceless band without an own sound.
One time you recognize Kirlian Camera, other tracks remind you of The Klinik, sometimes it's Front 242 in their "Geography"-days and on a track like "My Body Remix" it's like some EBM-version from Nina Hagen.
But the overall feeling was quite okay though!
Second band was Cruise (Ctrl) and even if a friend plays in the band I thought it was shit, so shitty that after 10 minutes I started talking with everyone around me not caring that there was a band on stage.
Style? A stupid mix from techno, crooners, dark electro and indus...something like Autechre meets 808 State only 2.000 times worser.
And then there was Trisomie 21.
Nothing changed, Philippe still looks like some Don Johnson in gothoutfit while Hervé (he's a professor in soundtechniques in real life) is more on the background.
They choose for a set that can be seen as a greatest hits set seen through their eyes, not one album was forgotten even if there were quite lots of tracks from "Happy Mystery Child".
Maybe you won't believe this, but something like 400 people turned up for the final Trisomie 21-gig and once the French heroes started "The last song" the public went awol, and Philippe looked and saw it was good.
"The press accused us for being pretentious. The only pretentious thing we do was to let you dream" and another classic was set in.
Highlights? So many, hearing 400 people going awol on "The last song" is of course genius.
But it was unbelievable to hear a band coming up with classics like "La fête triste", "Joh'burg", "Moving By You", "Waiting for", "Il se noie" or "Sharing Sensation" with holding on to that great coldwavesound from the 80's.
Philippe and Hervé realised that this venue was hanging on their feet and the duo were almost in tears when they left the stage.
It was perhaps one of the very first time in their long career it happened, but 400 people were begging them to come back.
The band was exhausted and decided to do the predictable : playing again "The Last song".
They made tons of mistakes, Philippe can't sing and you don't understand one word of his lyrics but Trisomie 21 are one of the few bands I always will hold close to my heart.
Another final line is drawn in my life.
Thank you, Philippe and Hervé.
In my fucked up life I sat more than once hearing "La fête triste" or pretending being you while performing "Is anybody home?".
Love you to death.
Respect, you're more important than Beethoven or all those other Bizets....

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