Monday, April 5, 2010


If a band gets 9 stars on the Pitchfork-website is that a guarantee for quality?
Go away, you must be kidding! But this time they might be right...
Keepaway are a trio (Mike, Frank and Nick) who are from Brooklyn and since some time they're like the long awaited hope from different musiclovers.
On 18th May their debut EP "Baby Style" will finally be released on Lefse Records.
Five tracks which are quite mindblowing and they're the kind of band who make pigeonholing impossible.
There's of course the psychedelic touch of let's say MGMT, there's the simple approach which made Pavement so great but and that's what so special about Keepaway is that they built their (at first sight simple songs) with a bombastic electronic background, even if it is at times more foreground.
Sometimes a sophisticated version of Vampire Weekend, sometimes as cool as Cold Cave (listen to single "Yellow Wings" and you know what I'm on about).
A band for the future? Nope, something as the future. Brilliant.

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