Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Zeromancer are a strange band. They used to be Seigmen but as Kim from Zeromancer stated : "We are something totally different".
Indeed they are. They are even a total different band as the one they used to be when "Clone your lover" was a bit of a hit in gothclubs but that's already 10 years ago.
It's damn difficult to pigeonhole Zeromancer anyway.
Are they nu-metal or some gothversion from nine Inch Nails? Who knows...
Anyway, the new album "Daeth of romance" (hence zero romance) is another step further for these Scandinavian goth-glamrockers.
They might be one of the most gentle bhands around (believe me, they are), they are still pissed off if the press compares this album with "Razorblade Romance" by Him.
It's indeed unfair to say even if they listened quite well to bands like Rammstein ("Industry People" could have been made by them), Nine Inch Nails or even Placebo.
"Death Of Romance" is surely not the cream of the gothrock-crop therefore it's all bit too nu-metallic and at times bland (and they're so much better live) but still much better than all the nu-metalbands together, just to say that I normally hate nu-metal!

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