Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I am still not convinced if it is a godsend or not that Lali Puna from Germany are signed to Morr Records or not.
Every review you read is the same thing over and over...Lali Puna are not The Notwist.
Of course they're not The Notwist this is something totally different even if they got the help from Marcus Archer.
We had to wait five years for the new album from this German band but it's been worth waiting nontheless.
Their music is a very nice balance of minimal synthmusic, some electro and of course indie.
By times it even comes close to the current release by Charlotte Gainsbourg, and that's not in the least because of the sexy vocals by Valerie Trebeljahr.
Nope, certainly not a record that is a masterpiece therefore you hear this type of music a bit too much before but in general you can speak of very fine release as they say...

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