Monday, April 26, 2010


I just can't help it but hearing their band's name "Stars And Sons" automatically reminds me of that terrible soap "Sons and daughters" from which I was victimized when being a kid but luckily enough for me, the music from this Brighton-based band is something different.
What is it this time you sighs?
Another band who think they're the new Beatles?
Well, yes because in some way this album has the spirit from "Sgt Pepper's Lonely's Heartclub Band" (just because every song is different) but a no as you feel that this band have just too much respect for their audience to act like that.
But you still know nothing about their sound though...
Well, thing is that they are an indieband in where there's a piano (and no, they're not Keane and even better they're not Coldplay) but it's something like weird psychedelic pop that balances between the silliness from Ben Folds Five and the powerpoprock from early Supergrass.
So yes another indieband?
Yes, they are but remember indie stands for alternative and that stands for music that's been thought about and that's the essence of Stars And Sons.
You can come up with tons of psychedelic names (and if you wanna be hip, you come up with something like MGMT I guess) but thing is that from the moment Stars And Sons will hit the airwaves (might be possible with a solid single like "If it's good for me") you will speak in terms of Stars And Sons...and yes, even without thinking about that terrible soap!

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