Monday, April 5, 2010


We try to feature as much genres as possible as there's a real need to, but sadly enough there isn't enough time to write about everything and there isn't even time to hear everything.
Anyway, I know that so far the EBM-scene wasn't that well presented since The Original Sin became a blog but look, this time we give you the tip of the year so far!
Mekanik Disorder are from Granada, Spain.
This band is built around Cesar who formed in the mid 90's along with his brother the band Internia.
When his brother decided he couldn't be in a band any longer because of the well known reasons, Cesar decided to form Mekanik Disorder.
Caustic Records heard his stuff and gave him the change to record his debut "Cold and strong".
It has become a brilliant album in where Cesar composes EBM-tracks in four different languages, even in Dutch and that all has to do with his love for cyclism (you can hear a sample of Belgian sport-commentor Michel Wuyts in here).
As said this album is very 80's as some tracks are very Front 242, others are like a tribute to Dirk Ivens' Absolute Body Control (on stage they do a cover from "Melting Away") and "Ich kontrolliere" is a copy from DAF.
Expectations in the EBM-circuit are pretty high and how old school it all might be, Mekanik Disorder made one of the best albums of 2010 in the EBM-range so far...

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